Music of Many Stages

Programs Tailored to Your Event (private or public)

  • A Christmas PresenceHappy Holidays!
  • Off to the Movies - Showstoppers and memorable moments  
  • On the Great BroadwayTime-honored ‘classics’ of the Great White Way
  • Patriots on Parade - Celebrating our great country
  • The Jazz EraSwing-time and love songs
  • Hail, Queen Victoria!British Music Hall Selections
  • Westward Ho - Cowboys and Calico
  • A Tribute to Irving BerlinAmerica’s Most Prolific Songwriter
  • Woodrow Wilson Songbook - Campaign songs and music of the day
  • Sacred Selections
    - Cantatas- (such as The Centurion – a moving re-telling of the Crucifixion and Resurrection)
    - Oratorios- (such as Handel’s Messiah – an annual concert for the community)
    - Varied collection of sacred pieces suitable for worship services and programs